time for some changes

Today it starts,

I’ve said this probably 20 times on the blogs that I have had in the past about one thing or another but this time there’s a difference. My goal of losing about 20lbs and running a 10k (in 9 weeks) are not the only motivators in my way. The #1 and #2 motivators are sobriety and a healthy mind and body. Those are the overarching goals with the others being the metrics to ensure I’m on track.

Let me clarify my two goals:


I’ve always been able to function without alcohol and even went months without it touching my lips. However, there’s a phenomenon that happens when the savory beverage is in my hands, I cannot put it down. I before last night I hadn’t drunk any beer for about 6 days and was doing just fine. I went to our local minor league baseball game last night and here I am this morning with a stomach ache and trying to remember purchasing 9 beers. Before anyone freaks out,  my wife drove home!


There are some core activities that I used to enjoy almost daily but seem to have worked them out of my schedule for a myriad of excuses: meditation and working out, mainly running.

These are easy fixes that just take me doing them, I have ample amount of time to do both and personally know they each have their own positive effect

In closing…

This isn’t going to be easy but I have the support of my wife, in fact she has a workout plan and diet plan that is going to help me out. I have started this morning tracking all of my calories and will meal plan my entire week of lunches to make sure I stay on track.

So if you see me around, no more offering a beer, but maybe some Kombucha

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