Since I am a bit of a notebook junkieĀ it only seems right that I build a notebooks every once in a while. Not only does this save a few pennies it also allows me to try different setups for notebooks without the fear of wasting an entire notebook for a certain subject or project. This time I thought it best not to use glue since not everyone just has binding glue laying around.


First off grab all of your tools/supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Awl
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Paper ( I use graph paper)
  • Old Hanging Folder
  • Staples (Heavy Duty work best)
  • Pen
  • Old DIY book/Magazine (optional)


I started off by cutting out the size of the notebook I would like from the hanging folder, using the already folded center as the binding. After I had the shape and size that I wanted I cut out a section of an old DIY book that I had laying around.

Side note on these DIY books. Not only are they great to have for projects like this one but they are also filled with wonderful projects inside. If you see them at a garage sale or flea market ensure that you buy all that they have. Turns out some are valuable so if all else fails you might be able to sell them to someone if you in turn do not want them.

After cutting out the DIY book I used some good ole fashioned glue stick and adhered the cutout to the inside of my cut cover.


After folding and trimming the inside pages I lined the fold to the inside seam of the outer cover. Keeping them lined up place the heavy duty lightly hammering it through the paper into the scrap plywood. After two of them are in place pull the notebook from the board and then fold the staples in towards the inside.


Its all ready to go, who knows you might get a few orders from people when they see your great notebook. Odds are that is not the case but it is always nice to think about it.
These are great when you do not want to pay for a package of 3 for menial tasks or to keep in locations your not sure if a ‘Name Brand’ would last.


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