As you know I recently got a 3d printer

After using the printer for a day or so on the kitchen counter it was time I moved it up to the spare bedroom upstairs not just to get it out of the way but also control the environment around the printer.

A few hours into the new setup I realized I could not continue to run up and down the stairs to check on builds, especially those that last 6hrs plus. I wanted to do something simple and easy and have zero cost. I found that I could setup an old Android phone as an IP camera allowing me to view the printer while it ran.

NOTE: I did hear recently from the Monoprice Mini FB page about Octoprint , I plan to look into it in the future but for now this is what I’m working with. It does appear to require a small investment with a few items, whereas this option is completely free for me right now.

How I did it:

1. Download ‘IP Camera’ from the app store

2. Go through all of the menus and check the settings, if you do not have a background in networking , understand that this is a direct line into your camera/network. This means username/password is absolutely necessary!

3. After getting all of the settings that you want completed, go ahead and go live. After doing so you will see an IP address on your screen. On the PC/Phone you want to view the stream put that address in the url bar.

What it looks like in your browser:

From here you can setup your feed how you would like to view it:

YOU’RE ALL SETUP! Time to print and view!


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