MonopriceMini 3d Printer

This is an overview and collection of pictures and resources for the MonopriceMini 3d Printer. I was given the printer for 2016 Christmas. Before anything I want to say that this printer is amazing! As I write this I have printed 3 items: Pokemon Ball, Cat and 3DBenchy  and I will go into the progression or at least share photos of these prints and possibly much more as time goes on. Rather than go into specifics and rewrite so many other pages I have decided to go through my process of learning 3d printing, specifically the Monoprice Mini.

I unboxed the printer and started to read the downloaded manual

The leveling of the bed took about 20 – 30 minutes, after you get the hang of it, it really doesnt take too long. I learned later that its best to do this before each print session. Some people may argue whether it is worth it or not but to me knowing everything is setup correctly before printing I know I have eliminated that factor from the possible list of failures.

Note: I am using Hatchbox filament for all of these initial prints 

I then decided to print the factory ‘Cat’ that comes on the sd card in the printer box. From everything I read this cat has the optimum settings so its a good way to test the functionality of the printer from the beginning.

While the ‘Cat’ was printing I went to John Biehler’s Site

John has a wonderful write-up about the settings he used on his MonopriceMini. After reviewing the settings and his print photos I decided that I would use them basically verbatim. As you will see it was a smart idea!

After getting everything input in Cura, I picked my next print to be BENCHY!

Having no idea that Benchy was a stress / calibration test but rather something that everyone printed when they got a printer I went right at it. I’m glad I did and later I will do a write-up of the tolerances and how my print fared vs. the actual dimensions.

Since Benchy I have completed one other print and that was the Pokemonball

All went well with the ball and am currently printing a catapult, this printer has completely surpassed my goals and expectations for something that is only listed for $200! Please keep checking back for more as I plan to keep posting updates and future prints.