3 Reasons Not To Be An Immovable Post

Dear Maker,

Every day we interact with ‘Immovable Posts’

These posts say things like “We’ve always done it that way”, “Why would we change that, everything just works right now” and/or “let us get this done so we can check this box”

Most of these people are pretty good folks, they work hard and may even enjoy what they do. However, this does not change the fact that nothing drives me crazier than to be in a meeting with one of these folks.

Here are three ways I have found that ensure I NEVER become an ‘Immovable Post’


In almost every facet of my life, I attempt to change everything, all the time. When in the garage I change where I keep my tools. While at home I change the layout of my office or locations of things that are stored. At work, I change processes as much as possible. I even change hobbies all the time.

I understand constant change can interrupt operations and effectiveness of the process at hand, however, something happens when things are changed. You are able to observe the effects of each change and what happens to you after they have taken effect. Either positive or negative you can observe them and make even more changes as time passes to make the process work for you and those around you.


Early on in my career in the military, I took on a lot of duties, I was basically an administrative assistant to our commander. This enabled me to get into meetings I wouldn’t normally be invited to. During these meetings, there would be tasks or projects for people to take on. Many times I would volunteer for the opportunity to work on these projects.

Unfortunately, I was not organized

As I took on more responsibility and tried to change as much as I could, I would forget certain tasks. Forgetting these tasks reduced the effectiveness of all changes and implementation because of one thing was forgotten or failed in the new process I would quickly hear “this is why we did it that way” or “let’s get back to the way it used to be”. Both statements that continuous changers do not want to hear.

So I charged myself to get a notebook and start becoming more organized. Also, if you are into making intricate changes to a manufacturing process you should be organized and measuring the changing effectiveness.


You cannot change something if you do not know it’s there. We all fall into a paradigm mind when working, traveling, commuting, at home and basically every part of our lives, it’s our nature. You can change that by observing everything, intentionally. I try every day to observe something new. With 2 sons I have a significant advantage because those guys are observing champions.

Children see everything as new and ask questions all the time. There are plenty of TED talks and articles talking about a child’s mind and innovation and I encourage you to check them out but and start to look at things like a child.


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