I find the ideas, why don’t I do anything

Dear Maker,

It’s common for me to have a new idea…

My idea’s are not always ‘right’ or even something brand-new, and many times someone has even done them already.

However, when I think of something new I many times will instantly jump on it like its some sort of bucking bronco and ride it for just the amount of time you would think a ‘normal’ person would last on a bronco. They do not last long, mostly, disregard that last statement, the execution phase is always the reason why I do not act on the new ideas.

Good news! Most of the time they are good ideas

Well besides taking my amateur opinion of my own ideas, there are plenty occasions that now ultimately are followed by a sigh or eye roll, or on a good day, both when I tell someone my idea and they reply “that’s a good idea you should do that”. Ultimately for me to research the subject to death, sometimes within minutes, and then do nothing with it.


I see the problem as something simple, something that I can view, touch and even feel. I think that I do not do these ideas because:

  • I do not have the money
  • I do not have time
  • It wouldn’t challenge me
  • It’s not really a subject I’m interested in

These are all complete bullshit, I know you know that but sometimes it feels good if I say or type it.

I really want to set goals..

but I know that won’t last, what I really need to do is push myself into a complete and ultimate corner that makes me complete a task no matter what. I did this with writing my books and it works. I do not allow myself anything else but to do that one task. Unfortunately, that leads me to completing a task by half-assing it and moving on to the next, only to be completely frustrated with the results of the last one. All while hoping to make a quick buck off of the idea.

So this is why I plan to… Check…. I vow to not to try to make money off of anything for a while or look for ideas that will make me rich, rather, look for projects that would be fun and post on here on a regular basis to ensure I continue to write and hone my idea observation skills.

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