Over the past 11 years I have had from what I can count 7 blogs. Lasting for months or for weeks. Some of them I spent hours planning and looking for material to build from and others I spent no time at all and would throw whatever I could at the wall hoping it would stick. As I tend to do, I am going back to my original idea of a blog. This blog is going to be a mesh of personal and business posts. I find it difficult to not merge the two just because many of the things I write about in my books are subjects that I am passionate about.

Speaking of my books I am working on a few different titles currently and am hoping to release a new one by Spring of 2017. As for the currently listed books I think they need some work. Hours have gone into some and others were just thrown together. Do you see a trend? I like to jump into some things and others I take my time. Luckily for everyone I cannot predict which subject I do what with but I can attest as my age increases my thought process for acting on certain ‘feelings’ lowers.

I tend to writing ideas down in my journal and then move on and see if I go back to it. Without much content besides this as my first post I encourage you to check back regularly as this site will be changing continually as I settle in on a design and begin to publish content.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in the future!


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