Days 8,9,10,11,12,13,14 – I’m not very good at posting daily when traveling

So I screwed up this week while traveling and couldn’t/didn’t write posts for every day

Day 8 –

Assuming that a day you eat ‘bad’ is a cheat day is dangerous for me. One day turns into to two and then another and another. So I tend to take my ‘cheats’ in stages. For instance, I will eat one meal here or there that is not necessarily fitting to my diet. So today was one of those days I took the liberty to expand my calorie intake a bit. I splurged on some soft serve ice cream and frozen pizza for dinner. All-in-all if I ended up not going over my intake requirements, ah well that’s for another day.

It is interesting to me that in the past those meals would virtually double the calories because of alcohol. It was nothing for a pizza night for me to have 6-8 beers, that my friend is a hefty amount of calories. So here’s to lowering calories by not drinking!

Day 9 –

Oh man, traveling is fun. I wouldn’t say I was globe trekking because who am I to disagree with a flat earthier but anyways this week I’m doing some traveling for work and I ended up spending quite a few hours in Chicago Ohare Airport (ORD).

Everything went very well and I was able to maintain a bit of healthy eating by having a pb&j at the USO. They normally have some decent food and free for current and retired military. Not mention, FREE COFFEE!

Pro-tip if you are traveling with United Airlines, you have access to their lounge/club. This turned out to be a relaxing place to be just like the USO, however it was a bit noisier and their was a bar.

I couldn’t sit still while waiting, after receiving a voluntary bump (& a $700 voucher) so I walked everywhere. There are so many sites and people to see while traveling through an airport and a great place to walk quickly getting some steps in and also burning off that butter croissant you ate for breakfast.

Looks like the rest of the evening is going to be a taxi to the hotel and finding something to eat. Thanks for checking into my travels and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Day 10 –

It’s getting more and more difficult to eat healthy while on the road. It seems it’s really not anything to do with the food so much as it’s the soda. I think from here in out on this trip I need to eliminate soda all together. I see a common theme with those things that are unhealthy and just eliminating them completely. You will, however , never see that statement about donuts, I still love donuts.

I had to rearrange my running schedule moving Day 9’s run to today and it went without a hitch on the hotel treadmill. I think tomorrow’s run I’m going to try to do it outside, this allows for better tracking and pacing, if that cannot happen then it’s not that big of a deal.

Day 11 –

today started with me waiting in the lobby to head out for breakfast. While catching up on yesterday’s post a man walked up and thanked me for my service. This is always a weird feeling. What I do, especially now after transferring from SFS to Communications I don’t feel these are necessary. So many times throughout the day I forgot the threads that I’m wearing are those that

  1. Minimal amount of people have worn
  2. Some communities do not have as much military pretense as my hometown
  3. People don’t care what your ‘job’ is they just appreciate what you’re doing for the country

So no matter if I feel as though I deserve it, I stand (if sitting when approached), make eye contact and thank them for their thoughts and appreciation.

Day(s) 11, 12, 13

I didn’t write anything, workouts were skipped, and I do not have an excuse. I don’t really have time to go back through my workouts however, I did miss two of them this week, week 2, of my workout plan so not a big deal just need to hit it hard next week.

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