Day 7 – Can’t stop now… Won’t stop now

 Today marks one week, and I got my first coin

I feel somewhat goofy talking about coins and my timeline, I mean alcohol did not run my life, however, it played a decent part in my daily routine. I could go for a day or two without drinking a beer but all too often was I going through a case or two a week. I get it, if you’re reading this and currently drink, have a problem or in the past you did as well if you think its nuts to track my non-drinking but it’s something I need to do. I need to see that I’m making progress, no different than my run and their perspective times. In fact, this is becoming really fun to release what I’m thinking throughout the day. For instance this morning my wife and I woke up and went out for my run. Again, super motivating with a smoking hot blonde running in front of you for 20 minutes.

Run 5/50: 2.15 miles Avg Pace: 9’19” Duration: 20:07
Mile 1: 9’24” Mile 2: 9’07”

After the run, we went out to breakfast with my parents and it was a quick reminder of why I’m doing all of this. Well, one of the reasons. My parents talked about my grandfather, my father’s dad, who recently had a heart attack and how they had their hearts scanned after returning from a trip to visit him. Come to find out my father’s mother had a heart attack in the same artery, I think that’s how you say it. Either way, this shit is real and with the life, I was leading previous to 7 days ago, I was on my way to having my very own heart attack in 30 years.

Screw that!

I’ve personally witnessed someone having a heart attack. In fact, one, in particular, I watched a man die. Tears filled his eyes as he held his chest clenching his fist to his heart. He laid in the passenger seat of a car in a gravel lot off the highway, near a motel, in the town I was a police officer.

I loosened his shirt, knowing as soon as medics arrived what their process would be. Right as they pulled in and walked up to me talk to this man, he died. He closed his eyes, went limp and died. Good news, within seconds, that seemed like hours he was alive again and loaded into an EMS and headed to one of the best hospitals in northern Indiana.

This isn’t something I’m interested in feeling, and really no one else should either. So here I am running, following my diet and continuing on the plan. This isn’t the time to stop, this is time to begin pushing even harder, remembering all the instances in my life that should drive me forward.

Thanks for being with me on my journey, talk to you tomorrow

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