Day 6 – No Walking!

You know when you were a kid at the pool

and they would yell at you when you ran. Well, today about 2/3 into my run I was hoping someone would come out to their front porch and yell at me to stop running, giving me an excuse to walk. I didn’t though, even though it was only a 10-minute run scheduled for today I was hurting. As a great motivator though my beautiful wife was running in front of me the whole time.

Run 4/50: 1.09 miles Avg Pace: 9’48” Duration: 10:45

What a great night tonight. The boys went with their grandparents giving my wife and I a night alone. Interesting enough, I was not tempted at all to have a beverage. In fact, I wanted to have a soda when we went out to dinner I decided last minute to have a water. Not sure how I’m going to put the pizza I ate a few pieces of in my calorie tracker, either way, I stayed on dietary track and finished out run 4, only 46 more to go!

P.S. That picture totally makes me look like I have Jinco (sp?) jeans from 1995.

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