Day 5 – Planning is now a habit

I’m in the groove, almost a habit

My nights end with me putting my lunch box on the table, bookbag on the floor and packing everything up. The packing includes getting my lunch ready for the next day and putting snacks as well in my lunch box. While doing this I put all items into my calorie tracker. By doing this, I know I am able to eat everything in my lunch box with zero repercussions of faulting from my diet. It’s very nice to have the want/need to snack on something while standing at my work desk, I just reach over and take something out of my lunchbox and keep on moving.

Run 3/50: 1.04 miles Avg Pace: 9’48” Duration: 10:14

I not only plan my lunches and snack ahead of time now but my runs/training are as well. Mentally and physically planning my runs helps me continue through any doubts or secondary reasoning that I may want to use at the time to not complete my training.

While running today I was thinking how it was only going to be a 10 minute run according to my plan on the Nike+RunClub app. This just didn’t seem like long enough and I even thought about doubling it but then I remembered that in a week or two I will be doing 3 – 4 a day and thought, why not just keep it easy now and slowly ease into the miles. I finished my run a few seconds over the allotted time and then walked for another 20 minutes not just to cool down but to think about what I have ahead of me and how I am so excited to see where this journey ends up.

What do you have going on that you are preparing for? Have you made a habit of the planning or is it just on a whim? Let me know what you think about a planning habit on Twitter. 

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