Day 4 – Unnecessary embarrassment

Started the day off with a smell of potato chips

The road I take almost every day to work has a potato chip factory right off one of the intersections and man does it smell great! I haven’t had a chip in a few days and that felt great knowing that while sipping on my protein shake passing the factory.

Today’s scheduled training was considered a ‘Benchmark’ where I did the split below, allowing the app to know what my abilities are and where I am at in my training.

Run 2/50: 1.47 miles Avg Pace: 10’15” Duration: 15:09

I started my run around 1630hrs and it was super warm with heavy air. The first 5 minutes of warm up I felt really slow and my mind started to flex its doubt muscle pushing me back to the dumb reason I wasn’t training at work for the last few months, embarrassed. Why? No freaking idea do I know why I felt that way. Anyways, as I made my way around the base jogging, listening to the instructions of the Nike+RunClub I saw a few people that I work with a decent amount throughout my typical work week.

They didn’t point and laugh, throw things at me, or shame me in any way!

Nope, like normal human beings they smiled, waved or even said the audible ‘Hi’. Huh, interesting how that works. Your mind pushes you to not do something that it knows you really need, want and strive to do.

This is something that I experience in my life when it comes to wanting to start a business. I think of these great ideas that are either in the market now or would be a new product but I get to a certain point that I wonder if that’s what I really want to do, is it going to be something I’m proud of. Hopefully, I am able to complete those tasks soon as I did with my second of fifty workouts completed.

So I’ll leave you with this if there’s something you’re wanting to try and you’re feeling unnecessary embarrassment then go for it, start it, push it and hit me up on Twitter to tell me about it so we can do this together and encourage each other.

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