“The longer we keep looking back in the rearview mirror, it takes away from everything that’s moving forward.”

-Dan Quinn-

I did it again…

If you have been consistently reading through my 52-day journey you will notice that I have done a few things in the last couple weeks that I said originally I was going to attempt to stay away from. I said multiple times I was not going to think or talk about a business venture or new hobby until I was able to focus on one and one only. So far I believe I have mentioned 3 recently that I was going to push towards.

I have decided to start a ‘Goals’ page over the next couple days to keep track of my current and future goals. These will be fitness and non-fitness related. The page will use the S.M.A.R.T method of goal setting, ensuring all are set to ensure success.

The continual looking back and seeing all of these ideas and projects, only to look forward and not produce much is not fairing well. One goal I can see in my near future that is coming to fruition is my running of the F4F 10k. I am super excited to see that coming so soon and look forward to completing that stage of my journey.

Run 22: 4.00 miles Avg Pace: 10’20”
Duration: 41:21
Mile 1: 10’01” Mile 2: 9’43”
Mile 3: 10’21” Mile 4: 11’14”

48.81 Miles Since July 16th 2017

Situps: 0 Pushups: 0
Total Since September 5th, 2017:
Situps: 15 Pushups: 0

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