“If it wasn’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsover.”

-David Letterman-

I’m tired

A common saying one among parents, two, among those that have problems balancing their caffeine addiction. Let’s face it, I have an addictive personality so when I talk about being addicted to something, like a hobby, alcohol or coffee, I truly do nothing but think about that certain thing until the ‘thirst’ is quenched. Luckily for me, alcohol is out and has been as you probably know for 47 days. As for the other two, I have toned down (depending on the day) my hobby obsession. This leaves the last one on the list, coffee.

It’s such a grand drink, isn’t it?

It helps you wake up, keeps you awake, makes you feel all warm inside. Unfortunately, my old habit of finishing dinner and downing a pot of coffee before bed was not doing anything for me in the sleep department. At first, when I noticed the difference in sleep, I said I would not have coffee after 3 pm. This worked for a week or so then I found the wonderful creation of DECAF.

I get it, not everyone likes it. In fact, I mocked it many times in my past. This drink, however, kills a few birds but one being a nice warm drink I can have in the evening to relax to. So as the old habits drop and the new ones seem to work their way in, I evaluate my actions almost like a risk management quad, figuring out how I think I should proceed.

Do you have a vice?

What is it? Leave a comment below, hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email and let me know what your vice is and what you are doing or would like to do to stop it.

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