“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

-Pablo Picasso-

It is very exciting to be doing so well and knowing my goal is just around the corner. I got a bit worried today that I might stop after my 10k race, so I started discussing all different ones that are held in my city for the remaining months of 2017. It looks like there are a few that I might be interested in and they would progress in miles. Going from the 10k I would have an 8 mile run on Thanksgiving and then a 10-mile trail run in late December.

With my race in less than 30 days away and the other races on the horizon I’m getting more and more excited about my running. The conversation even came up today about mini-triathlons, another even I’ve always wanted to complete. It’s just nice to see these events and know that my plan and actions taken up to this point are setting me up to be prepared for them.

So like I was talking about yesterday, I need to set a plan together for my HermanboT project. Just as I did with my running, talking about it does nothing for me. So stay tuned for that plan and make sure you contact me on Twitter or through e-mail  to let me know what type of goals you are planning to accomplish and how you are doing it.

Run 20: 4.00 miles Avg Pace: 9’34”
Duration: 38:19
Mile 1: 10’09” Mile 2: 9’00”
Mile 3: 9’07” Mile 4: 10’00”

41.81 Miles Since July 16th 2017

Situps: 0 Pushups: 0
Total Since September 5th, 2017:
Situps: 15 Pushups: 0

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