“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

-Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha-

I was a bit excited about my run today!

While running today, my quickest 5k yet, yeah no biggie. Anyways, as I was running around the same .25 mile track I found myself going to a place that was distant. I was in the future, pushing limits and feeling free. I know this sounds odd and super vague it’s just what I was feeling.

Earlier in the day,

I was discussing the different business ideas that I’ve had, like always. This time however it was clear as to what I should be doing. I’ve heard before it’s the joining of the ven diagram is where you should focus your efforts. For me, I have two passions, woodworking, and writing. Both are something I feel relaxed when immersed in them. Not only do I like to do them but I like even more helping others not only get into them but also build relationships within the communities.


These two areas meet in an idea that I’ve had for some time now, it just became clear recently. My idea is a kid’s books that are accompanied by a toy. The two books will be for 2 different age groups, the toy remaining the same for all. This is where Herman comes in. Herman is a wooden robot I created a few years ago.
During the creation of Herman, I pushed quickly into a failed attempt at a Kickstarter. This obviously wasn’t funded or went anywhere besides a quick joke among my friends.

When the click of the book and a modified HermanboT came to the front of mind everything clicked. This would be a great way to combine another passion besides the two already mentioned. I could teach others, specifically kids, how to make things through my words.

There’s really nothing I like more than teaching, making, and writing about all my experiences.

I know this necessarily isn’t running related but all of these clear thoughts come when running. I joked earlier but I pushed myself to see what I could do. When it was all said and done, the comical though, was I wasn’t surprised. So why do I consistently doubt myself on everything I want to do?


I suppress the fear, loathing, and self-disappointment

when I fail to complete an idea. The jokes come in and I participate but it sucks. So just like my run, I need to push myself and then look back and think what the hell was I worried about?

I have a wonderful support team behind me of friends and a wonderful wife so what if this whole thing sucks and fails worse than my last Kickstarter? Frankly, I don’t give a shit, the days of blasting ideas or fearing failure have to be over. If it doesn’t happen now I will never show my kids to push and do what they feel is right and follow their passion and dreams. Isn’t that what we all want? We want to show our kids whats up and how they should act. Right now, in the dreams department, I’m not doing a good job.

I appreciate you following me on this journey and feel like some amazing things are happening with my runs and with my passions. As I continue to work on me, you should work on you. What are you truly passionate about? Does that passion meet up with another?

Let me know what you find in your self-assessment on Twitter or through e-mail.

Run 19: 3.10 miles Avg Pace: 8’40”
Duration: 26:50
Mile 1: 8’51” Mile 2: 9’01”
Mile 2: 8’20”

37.81 Miles Since July 16th 2017

Situps: 15 Pushups: 0
Total Since September 5th, 2017: 
Situps: 15 Pushups: 0

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