Day 35 – Canoeing around

“Everyone must believe in something. I believe I’ll go canoeing”

-Henry David Thoreau-

With a bum ankle still

there hasn’t been much activity as far as running but I have been trying to move as much as possible. Yesterday/Last night we had my son’s 8th birthday party so it was just setting things up and moving stuff around for our family and friends to come over.

Today was amazing however, we spent almost the entire day out back playing. We fished, laughed and I even busted out my canoe. The original reason for bringing the canoe out was so that I could recover a lure that flew off when I tried to cast. Anyways really not much to talk about tonight except, if you have the chance to laugh and play with your friends and family, do it! My best friend and wife have a wonderful time sitting in the backyard sipping coffee and watching our boys fish.

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