Day 33 – Mind is healthy, Ankle hurts

“An idea is salvation by imagination.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright-

On Day 31 I hurt my ankle,

Something didn’t feel right after my run on my left ankle so I iced it up and hoped for the best. The following day, it hurt, not like when you twist it but like something was pulled or torn. I shouldn’t say torn because I’m not sure if I’ve ever really torn a muscle. Either way, its day 33 and it still does not feel right so I’ve decided to give up…. NAH I’m just messing with you. I have however decided to decide to take a few days off from running and rest thank ankle. Nothing would be worse than to screw up my leg or foot muscle just a short time out from my 10k.

Although this isn’t going to be that much of a hit to not run for 3 days to my training, it does have a blow to my mind. It seems like just one more thing to hold me back from a goal, which is completely not true. So to keep my mind busy I have been thinking about what other goals I would want to accomplish or yes, as I’ve talked about many times  I constantly think about business ideas, so those as well have been on my mind.

Good for me and those around me, I have a goal that has outweighed the business ideas lately and it’s really a revisit of an old project I was working on months ago. I have decided to start working again on my novel. Posting this goes against every recommendation that you just work on your novel and don’t advertise it because you are never certain how long it will take. Well, I have a few things going for me when I post this goal here:

  1. There are only 1, maybe 3 people who read this blog so it’s not like there are too many people going to bother me about it
  2. So far the goals I have started working towards are on track or accomplished.
  3. I’m ready to write some more and have a clear writing goal besides my near daily posts here

I am excited about this venture and even more excited to get back out and run some miles. I know I said earlier that I was going to not run tomorrow, I’m hoping I feel good enough at least to do 1 mile and get back into the groove.

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