You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that. 

Michael Jordan

Last night was amazing

I didn’t have a chance to write about it because it was so late, I ran my longest distance ever! Running has been such a great outlet for me so far and after last night I am supercharged to what is ahead of me. I headed out to run as my kids were getting in the shower and getting ready for bed. I was only planning on running 1.5 miles but one-half a mile led to another and I was in a groove. I continued onto a flat 5 miles and was so excited and proud of myself.

This morning after posting about my run last night on Facebook people was talking to me about running. One conversation that really stuck out was with another Airman who has also picked up running within the last year or so, he said he always looked at running as a competition with yourself. After talking for a decent amount of time about every aspect of running, I walked away still thinking about his first statement.

Running has completely been a competition with myself.

I compete to even get the motivation to go run some nights, other nights just go so smooth that they seem to blow by, with increased endurance or speed. As my journey continues it’s amazing to think of what I have and will do. At first, I was just looking at doing a 10k and not drinking. Now after an impromptu 5-mile run, I’m wondering how much more I can push myself. Maybe sometime in the future, I could do a half or even a full. Or like I wanted to months ago, do a triathlon.  Instead of focusing on what I might be able to do in the long-term future, I need to keep focused on the short-term, the 10k.

The competition with myself I’m sure will grow and sometimes like just a few days ago, my mind might beat me out. With a little will and determination, I am certain I can defeat just about anything. So if you yourself are competing with your worst enemy, your mind, then remember that there’s nothing that it can do to beat persistence. Your constant banging on your feet to the ground can bring your mind back on track to continue forward with the goal at hand.


*yesterday’s run*
Run 17: 5.02 miles Avg Pace: 10’46”
Duration: 54:03
Mile 1: 10’07” Mile 2: 10’49”
Mile 3: 10’44” Mile 4: 11’02”
Mile 5: 11’03”

32.70 Miles Since July 16th 2017


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