Prepare for a rant

Today was a day off from just about everything except work. I didn’t’ workout, I didn’t NOT think about business ideas and I didn’t stay positive. It all started with a coworker telling me about his business venture and how it’s going so well. Now I’m not saying I wished him ill or thought negative thoughts about him in any way. Nope, all my negative thoughts were on myself. I just cannot understand why I am unable to pick an idea and run with it. In fact, it fascinates me that I’m still writing this blog. Normally by now on an idea, I have quit.

Then I started paying attention to politics and the events in the south. It hurts me to think that there is so much hatred in the world, nevertheless in the US. The only thing I can do, besides stop posting more negative comments, posts, and pictures on Facebook and social media is to stay positive in my outlook, attitude and the way I treat others. This is really the only way to spread the idea to not only those around me but also the younger generations that there are other ways to deal with hate.

Lastly, I just want to have something that I own.

Something that gets me a few extra bucks a month to pay for a vacation or maybe a fun weekend out with my wife, or even buy a fun toy. Something that when I’m talking to someone or meeting them for the first time I can be proud to hand them my business card.

There’s really no reason for me to complain right now, I have a lot of great things going on in my life, and every complaint that I have I could fix on my own. I even know how to finance, run and grow a business so its not really something that I can complain about. Anyways, the is a complete waste talking about this since it’s feeding into my earlier part of this post and turning completely negative.

So, I think it’s time to refresh my mind with some contemplation on what it is that I really enjoy doing and what it is that I would like to do on the side. I’m going to start thinking about these two questions while running and while running only (if I can help it) to finally get to an idea, concept, or product to finally complete another of my goals.

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