“Embrace the Target”

-Joe Maddon –

-World Champion Chicago Cubs Manager –

Started today out with 3.5miles, yep you saw that right, I kicked the day off with my longest run yet. Although the last 1.5 miles felt pretty rough and as you can see from my splits I slowed down, overall I felt pretty good. I have been thinking and reading these past few weeks about different wearables and the features that they all have. I have been known to change my ‘smart watch’ regularly and I think it’s time to look into something different.

Currently, I wear a Fitbit Alta and I really like their app and the networking it has with friends. But I am looking for a bit more information live when I am running, especially with my splits and pacing. The Garmin’s are looking very appealing but lack the ability to hold music on them. So I was thinking of just using an iPod Shuffle to accompany it, no problem. Well, as of 27 July 2017, Apple has discontinued the iPod line beside the iTouch.

So this brings me to the iWatch series 2. I think the integration with my phone will be nice and with 100% Apple products throughout my house I think it wouldn’t be a terrible decision but my wife has one and it doesn’t sound like it’s necessarily comparable to a Garmin. It’s not really fair to compare these two because one is strictly built for running and hiking, the other is a general purpose wearable.

This all leads me to just waiting and reading different reviews, hoping for the newest iWatch to come out with something awesome and the same for Garmin. If you use a wearable or multiple wearables, what are they and how do you like them? I’d really like to hear from the field of what people are using, even though it seems with the amount of them out there that its like saying, What type of shoes do you like.

Run 14*: 3.5 miles Avg Pace: 10’29”
Duration: 36:43
Mile 1: 10’17” Mile 2: 10’07” Mile 3: 10’40”
Mile 3.5: 5’39”
*correction for missing a run

24.18 Miles Since July 16th 2017


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