Day 20 – New Training Plan

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

-Charles Darwin –

The new plan is in place and has been executed. As I said two days ago I needed to change my training plan. My old plan seemed to have me grow so gradually in miles, instead of running multiple miles during the week it would only include running .75 or some sprints here and there. I understand the need to do cross training items than just run long distances I feel this new plan will allow me to get to where I want in miles ahead of the other plan goal. Nothing much happened today in the realm of my training.

Today was the fastest run yet in my splits. I’m super excited that I am starting to see progress in my times and feeling while running. I also have found out that I enjoy running just about any part of the day. Although I think I prefer morning, lately my runs have been in the evening and they’ve felt pretty good as far as environmental. I do think in the future when my miles grow a bit longer than what they are right now, I am going to need to change locations every once in a while to lessen the possibility of being bored with my sights.

Run 11: 2.0 miles Avg Pace: 9’31”
Duration: 19:38
Mile 1: 9’55” Mile 2: 9’06”

I have started the ability to subscribe

to my journal to get updates when I post something. By doing so I now get a review from my wife each morning on what she thought of my previous day’s post. Turns out yesterdays post was not too popular. Reason being was that it made me sound like a drug addict, which is far from the truth. I was merely playing with words and giving the analogy that hate is like a drug and anyone can be addicted to it, so watch who you surround yourself with.

So today I will leave you with some encouragement to change, change something in your habits, attitude or diet. Experiment with everything to find exactly what works for you. Stay away from popular trends and just do things that make you better and read, read and a bit more reading.

Speaking of reading, hit me with your book recommendations on Twitter, I’m looking for something new to start.





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