Day 18 – Collecting Miles

“Happiness is not ready made—it comes from our own actions.”

-Dalai Lama –


As my journey continues I’m tracking not only each workout but the total miles ran as I move towards my current 10k goal. My current total miles in the last 19 days is 16.41 miles. Doesn’t sound like much when thinking and discussing it with my wife that has an insane amount of miles this year and few people I work with that have run ultras, but I’m okay with that. This is my journey, they have theirs and you have yours. Even though we are all going on our own journey it’s great that I have a support behind me that is nothing but encouraging, including from those noted above.


Run 10/50: 3.0 miles Avg Pace: 10’08”
Duration: 23:23
Mile 1: 9’54” Mile 2: 10’16” Mile 3: 10’14”


As I collect my miles and inspect them like a stamp collector, looking at each split to ensure I am on track to my sub 60min goal for the 10k I have figured out that I need to change my plan and change the way I am collecting miles. This is the reason that I am changing from my running and workout plan through Nike+RunClub and transitioning to something different. I’m going to work on the plan tonight and tomorrow and get something together after reviewing what some of the main sites advise.

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