Day 17 – Calming My Mind Storm

“The genius of man is hidden in the silent, settled state of mind from where every thought emerges.”

– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi –


A few weeks prior to starting this journey I made a commitment to myself, wife and a friend I would no longer search for business, product or schemes of any type for a while. It seems there a common theme in my journal but the truth is, like beer, that search was consuming me. It didn’t matter what time, day or month I would keep pushing searching and coming up with multiple ideas. Unfortunately, as like that of my fitness goals, those ideas went nowhere. I would continue to talk about and purchase URLs for those ideas and then, boom, nothing would come out of it. In fact, this journal is a result of nothing looking for ideas.

I had another blog that was a personal blog. That blog had so many renditions, in fact here are a few of the URLs I have or currently have that were ideas that I wanted to pursue:


So much more are out there, I just couldn’t find either a record of it or they had expired so long ago on another hosting account. So averaging at about $12 each depending on the features and the hosting account plan, these would add up to $168.00. I know this is not only not a complete listing but I also would renew a few year after year. All of that time and money wasted on ideas that I never did anything with. Combine also the paid themes I have purchased which I think is around 4 at a price of $45, making it $180.00 spent on those. So just as a quick math, not including the hundreds of hours spent on these ideas I’m well over $300.

The money and time spent on them is one thing, however, I worry more about the mental effort spent. It’s astounding to look back on, just like so many things though it doesn’t help to look back and dwell on but rather look forward and think about how changes can be made to no exhaust my mind with tasking myself with such a heavy task of coming up with a business idea.

In the past, I have meditated and been able to clear my mind that way. During this time period, I would also dwell on the ideas, causing a mental conflict rotation over and over. After giving up these ideas, daily writing and working out I feel I need to add one more item to my daily routine, meditation. The act of meditating is amazing and when completed my mind is free and relaxed, energizing myself through the day. So starting tomorrow I am going to meditation to my daily routine.

If you are interested in meditation and/or Buddhism I  highly suggest taking a course in Transcendental Meditation and/or reading Buddhism for Dudes. The author is a prior Marine friend of mine and does an excellent job of explaining Buddhism and meditation.

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