Day 16 – What do I put on my feet?

Barefoot or Shoes?

As I was running yesterday I started to feel a bit of soreness in the pad of my right foot. Since I began this journey I have been running in some Northface running shoes that I had been using as my ‘daily drivers’. Before that, I was using Vibram Five Fingers but thought this time I would try using ‘normal’ running shoes rather than the barefoot route. Today though I broke out the VFF and decided to use them while running to see if anything changed with the soreness.


Run 9/50: 2.16 miles Avg Pace: 10’48” Duration: 23:23
Mile 1: 10’29” Mile 2: 10’50”


After the run, nothing changed from the day previous, the pads of my feet especially my right foot were sore. A short while after the pain subsided and nothing felt any different than prior to the run. I’m not sure what to do besides going to one of the local running shoe stores and having them give me some advice or I could search the internet and come up with my own ideas.

I get it, that sounds nuts, but 1. I am cheap and 2. I have read so many articles and books on barefoot running I truly think that’s how I should be running. However, I get it, something isn’t working out for me right now or is it my body just getting used to running the longer distances on a daily basis. I mean I did go two days in a row with a combined 4 miles. That might not seem like much but it’s much more than what I was doing 3 weeks ago.

My current decision is going to be talking to a few trusted runners and see what/where they recommend to do or go to. I’m pretty sure I know the what and the where I just want to make sure before I do it. So I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I talk to them.

For now, though, what do you run in? What distances are you running? Why did you choose those methods/shoes?

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