My fingers curled within my hand as my thumb press on my index finger as my arm instinctively stiffens. My strides extends just by a few inches as my head raises up as my eyes meet the horizon filled with fence and roadway of an old gate to which just a few years ago I sat within, posted as a Security Forces airman.
These instances are just causes of a memory of Basic Military Training in San Antonio as I walked from my current building to another building on base that I had a meeting. This memory kicked in as I looked around and eventually locked in on the side walk. I remember those narrow sidewalks that took us along all of the squadrons of basic trainees. You never knew who or if anyone was watching you just knew you needed to keep on, keeping on.
As my walk turned into a quasi march I realized 3 distinct life lesson I have learned since the years of my wonderful, warm time I spent as an ignorant trainee looking for adventure.

1. You never know whats next

As I ventured through Basic Training and even for most of Technical training at the Security Forces academy I completely thought I was going to finish that up, get home, and head off to college to be an engineer or architect. As so many others 9/11 effected the outcome of the rest of my life. I was not able to start college right away and when I returned home I was met very soon with multiple, back to back deployments.

These, coupled with a love for a wonderful girl who is now my wife my life is not the engineering plan that I had written out on so many graph pads before. I was different, the world was different and my future would also play in the same lane of difference. The great part about knowing this is now is I can see that plans are great to make but no one has any idea of what is next so its best to set yourself up for what you believe to be the best plan and then as the universe plays out you be open to all the many changes that are coming your way.

2. Each day is a building block to the next big thing

Knowing that there is always going to be change and there is nothing you can do to get away from it sometimes is hard. But knowing that every day is something that is building up to the next big thing is even harder to recognize when its happening.

During the time that I was going to college full-time I was working full-time, I was married and had two kids. This is difficult to accomplish. I finished my Bachelors with a 3.6 GPA and my Masters with a 3.9. I say this only to brag because it plays no relevance to what I want to get across I just want to brag that I was able to do that with a lot on my plate. So being full time in school with no job and no wife and kids I have very little pitty. Sorry back to what I was getting to. I would not have been able to do that without my wife but it was super hard on the both of us. I thought I saw a future but there were times we both wondered what the hell we were doing.

Looking from where I am now, those days were just blocks building me up to where I am not. I do not think I would have the opportunity to move the position I am now without my education and strive to learn all the time. So frustration should not be pushed inside only to boil out someday. Let it go and realize that what you are doing today is going to fuel your future. This is true not only in financial aspect but in your brain, business, career, marriage, parenting and every other aspect of your life.

3. Enjoy the moment

If every moment is a building block then why not enjoy it. I look back now and think of all the posts I sat on as a Security Forces member or the times late at night or early in the morning that I was working the road as a Police Officer I wonder how I even did it. Sometimes I even regret not trying to do even more while in that particular part of my life. Currently though with technology and advances in science I cannot go back so the realization of enjoying every moment in life is necessary.

So the next I start to move into a lock step with the troop next to me I will reflect on what am I doing today to build on tomorrow, who knows what’s going to happen and hey lets all have a bit of fun while doing it.

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